Meditation is Key to Organization
Being placed in a mindful state is not easy these days with all the stress out there. First steps to a more relaxed life start with becoming aware. How is this related to organization? Let's see...
Home Decor: Creating a Quirky yet Classy Look
Who doesn’t love decorating their home? Vintage art and furniture are real trends now. One might assume it’s hard to pull off this look in a quirky yet classy manner. Here are some tips that will guide you to having a home that incorporates the right vibe
The Three Barriers of Home Organization
Saying you’re going to organize is one thing, but actually taking action and doing it is another. Unfortunately, life happens and then there come the piles. Is there a way to avoid this? No. Is there a reason why this happens? We shall see...
Customized Picture Frames Creations
Hanging and displaying pictures are always a lovely add-on to any home. Pictures add character. You feel a sense of hominess when there are lots of family photos around. Buying picture frames from local stores can get boring after a while; they all start to look the same and they can be pricey! What if you could create custom picture frames to add to your home decor? Let’s check it out.
How To: Whimsical LED Light Decor
We’re all in store for a long summer with lots of house guests. Everyone piling outside to grill on a hot summer night sounds heavenly. It’s festive to put out some decorations every once in awhile. Why not add LED lights to the mix? Try these simple ideas...
Shopping for Bicycle Storage Racks, the Tricks and Trades
Believe it or not, bicycle racks are essential when transporting your bikes. It’s a risk-free way to bring your bikes wherever you go! Some things to consider when shopping for bicycle storage racks...
Here’s Your Swiss Army Knife of Organizational Tips!
We could all use a little more organization in our lives. When pondering what advice to give, I noticed that organizing—whether in our lives, in our jobs, or at home—all follow similar methods. And here are some ideas...
Old Books, DVDs, CDs: Keep or Toss?
We’ve all been there; cleaning out closets and discovering hidden treasures that no longer mean anything to you. (And probably no longer have a media player that works to play them!) It’s a shame to throw away things that were once your favorite books, DVDs, and CDs! Why not give them a new home or repurpose them?
How Budgeting Helps Home Organization
Budgeting is something everyone has to do, but no one wants to think about. Why? Because it means spending less money, but we have that answer: budgeting expenses improves home organization.
How Concentration and Focus Will Change Your Life
Losing concentration is one of the easiest things to do. There are so many distractions, but here are some tips to gain more concentration, focus, and—evidently—more self-control. These tips benefit both mental and physical health: a win-win!
Tacky Tag Sale? We Got You Covered
Well first off what is a tag sale? It is basically a garage sale, but turned into a party! How fun! Here are a few ideas for you...
Social Media & ​Tech Time: When is it too Much?
We live in a tech world, no denying it! After a while, technology gets to be out of control. When is it time to say no as Facebook, Instagram, and Pokemon Go beckon you? Why not pick up a tablet-sized, hand-held reading device known as a book, instead? Theories, anyone?
Maximizing Your Garage Storage
Don’t let the garage grime and grind get the best of you! Here are some tips for sorting through all that junk and getting your garage in order.
The Way to Become a Morning Person
Okay, so you want to be a morning person. There are a few ways that you can train yourself to become a morning person, but you're probably going to be better off learning how to trick yourself into being a morning person...
Upcycling is Cool!
Upcycling is a terrific trick where you salvage things that you might throw away, or recycle, and find another purpose for them. It can be a lot of fun and it's very creative. We suggest you look for some ideas on Pinterest. Just search for “upcycle” and you'll see all kinds of clever things that people do with trash.
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