A Bunch of Clever Bathroom Hacks
Even the most palatial abode will face space challenges—especially in the area of the commode. Fortunately, there are many smart ways to keep things uncluttered and accessible. Here are a few great ideas.
Low Price, High Glamor Home Improvements
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To give your home, a little boost invest a little time and get a lot of improvement for a very little price.
Dazzle Up That Drab Decor!
Everybody's looking for ways to add a little panache to their home decor. Fashion designers all have their tricks and tips. So do we. Let's look at how to turn your home into something that reflects your personality.
Love Entertaining, Loathe the Mess
Throwing parties is fun. Cleaning up is not. In fact, it is so not fun that it stops many people from every throwing a soiree. Here are a few simple strategies to keep you focused on the fun.
Prepping the Perfect Pantry
It’s easy to overlook the pantry and to keep it organized is not a priority for many people. Part of the reason is that it is in an accessible but out of the way part of the kitchen. The bigger reason is the mess. Often it is loaded with cans, baskets, jars, and bottles--many of them taking up permanent residence in the dark quarters, and many of them leaking, spilling, or half-opened. Even the thought of cleaning out the pantry might be daunting. But however messy or muck-ridden your food storage area might be, there’s a way to out of the clutter.
A Case of Wine and a List of DIY Projects
While we don’t encourage drinking and then immediately engaging in DIY projects, we do have a love of up-cycle projects and empty bottles. So what to do with those lovely, colorful, glassy and classy empties?
Six Go-To Items To Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Cook
Cooking is fun. Cleaning is... well, cleaning. So to minimize the mess, take out these non-cooking items when you cook.
Making Smart Moves Before Your Move
OK. You’re going to move out of one place and into another. Taking things out of boxes and realizing you have no place to put it or no desire to put it somewhere is hardest of all. The answer? A pre-move checklist!
A Winning Garden Strategy for Tiny Apartments
It’s nice outside, and like many of us, that means using your weekend to exercise that green thumb and get busy in the garden. But if you’re like our urban friends, that’s a challenge. Behold, the advent of the Apartment Garden! Turn your urban patio and even your windowsill into an outdoor surprise with just a few quick tricks.
Productivity and the Philosophy of GTD
Get Things Done. It is a working life-hack system for getting organized and staying productive. The end goal is to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you have more time for the things you want to do
 What’s Your Recycling Cycle?
It hasn’t been easy, but virtually every large city and most towns have a recycling program. There are new waste treatment centers that process live waste into useable compost. And they even turn the methane gas that is a byproduct of the composting into usable energy. That’s recycling the recycling, and pretty cool.
Clean Kitchen, Clean Eating
Last year we (and thousands of other neat freaks) adopted KonMari, the Mari Kondo method of organizational advice. Her new book, ‘Spark Joy’ tells how you can potentially get slim by keeping order in your kitchen. Eating clean starts with a clean kitchen.
Tidy Home in Less Time
We all wish there were more hours in the day. The lists add up and things never seem to get done. Cleaning and other mindless tasks shouldn’t take up the majority of your day! It’s time to change that!
Everyday Routine Tips for your Office Life
It’s refreshing to add something to your routine every so often, especially if it helps you manage time and get it all done at the office! What should be added to your routine? Here are 4 sure-fire winners...
The Guide for Fourth of July All-Stars
Fourth of July: hot dogs, fireworks, and basking in the American Dream. These impressions of Independence Day are pretty spot-on, but what will get you into the Fourth of July spirit?
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